LASIK in Antalya

Our goal is to grant your wish for a “life without glasses” with a Lasik – that is – laser eye surgery in an extraordinarily beautiful world city, Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya by offering a medical and organizational high quality.

Our mission: reliable, inclusive and reasonable price.

Rely on Us
Our eyes are the most important sense organs we have. Therefore, it is not that easy to decide to have a laser eye surgery.

And to have this operation abroad makes this decision even greater. We will accompany you by showing you the most reliable option in every step of the way while you make the decision of your life.

  • MedicalTravel not only provides detailed information on medical facilities but also informs you on all the risks of a surgery.
  • Our purpose is not convincing you to have a surgery.
  • We are the only organization in Europe, offering an “All inclusive” principle for an eye surgery abroad.
  • In other words, you only enjoy our services and do not have to think about anything else, from the very beginning to the end.
  • Talya Eye Clinic offers a ten years long surgical guarantee. In other words, this guarantees that a second surgery is completely free in case needed – although rarely.
  • In case of a possible second surgery, we pay for your travel expenses. (This valid for premium package)

We are comprehensive
A travel to Antalya for a laser eye treatment requires a number of organizations. We gladly undertake this organization for you.

And all you have to do is to enjoy our free and nonbinding consultancy services.

  • Our consultancy services are in German, English and Turkish languages, and we provide written consultancy service in French.
  • Your pre examinations can be done in Switzerland, upon request. You should not travel all the way to Antalya just to have an eye examination if you have never had one, before. You may find detailed information on pre examinations here.
  • Group travel (upon request)

Do you want to enjoy the team spirit? Then, make your experience privileged. Please check travel dates. These dates are completely upon request, and thus that does not mean that you have to travel on these dates. Besides, you can also have this travel with your friends. It is always possible for you to bring an attendant with you.

  • Flight

We suggest and you decide. Make sure you benefit from our special flight prices for health travels in various airways

  • Transfer from airport to hotel

Our patient welcoming team will leave you to your hotel. These services are exclusive and are not public service buses where you have to travel around the city for hours due to down town traffic. Enjoy this exclusive VIP service!

  • Hotel

You select the best choice we’ll offer you in terms of accommodation. Hotels are close to the hospitals. Hotel is an important element for laser eye surgeries. The room you’ll stay has to be hygienic. We work with good and clean hotels, only.

  • Translators fluent in English

It is very important that you understand the language of surgical team. English speaking staff ensures a flawless communication. It is possible to organize this service in other languages, as well.

  • Pre examinations

MedicalTravel developed a unique “double check system”. Upon request, you may have your eyes examined in details once more in Turkey after your first pre examination in Switzerland. Thus, the approval for that your eyes are suitable for a surgery is double checked. This system is a result of our business philosophy.

  • Your eye surgery

Hospitals and clinics we co-operate are determined and selected due to detailed inspections made by considering various factors. The hospitals and clinics we work with have international certifications.You may have detailled information on hospital and clinics here.

  • Post examination on the day following the surgery

In addition to the first post examination after the surgery, another one is done on the following day. These examinations make it possible for the surgical team to analyse the first results themselves as well as to apply required treatments following the surgery. The following day post examination is a must. Your travel should plan accordingly

  • Antalya city tour (upon request)

Thanks to our services, you have the opportunity to visit a world city. We help you on where you could visit and what you can do by working on your personal travel plan. Thus, beautiful memories can be the beginning of your new life. You may find detailled information on Antalya here.

  • Transfer from hotel to airport

Our transfer team ensures that you have an ultimately positive trip to the end.

  • Free of charge post examinations in Switzerland

Until now, patients having an operation abroad have been disadvantaged as their examinations and regular controls have been neglected. MedicalTravel took necessary precautions and measurements to prevent this. Nothing is coincidental with us. Our eye doctors in Zurich or Arbon control and examine your eyes for free. By doing so, it ensures a problem-free healing process for your eyes. (Up to 4 post examination for one year following the surgery applied for premium package)

  • Medicaltravelpass

It is our unique additional service. Medicaltravelpass includes all the personal information and data regarding your stay in Antalya as well as the healing process of your eyes. As it is in the size of a passport, you can keep it in your pocket at all times. This passport is individually submitted to you before your travel.

  • Payment of your travel expenses in case a second surgery

MedicalTravel has second surgeries less than 1%. We trust the quality of the surgery and therefore, in case you need a second surgery, your travel to Turkey is free thanks to this premium package program.

  • Free dental control

Your eye laser surgery provides even more advantage now! By getting your eyes lasered with the best technologies of the world; you also get the opportunity to meet our modern dental clinic. Your dental control is upon request and completely free of charge and it is managed by a dentist. This service is not obligatory and it is only organized upon request. You may find the details on the clinic and the dentist, here.

Reasonable Prices
Thanks to its reasonable prices, MedicalTravel makes an eye surgery possible for everyone.

  • Why is an eye surgery more expensive in Europe?

The central countries are some of the most expensive countries of the world. This is because the staff is more expensive as well as the high expenses on rents and infrastructure. In addition, advanced and high technology machinery is also too much expensive. And therefore, it is desired to have a large number of patients in order to have a profitable investment.

  • Why are the prices so reasonable in Antalya?

According to an OECD research, you only pay 45 Euro in Turkey for something that worths 100 Euro in Europe.

As a result, the fee of a surgeon in Turkey is lower than the payment his European colleague receives. Furthermore, Antalya has a greater potential in terms of number of patients as its population is couple of millions; and this makes it possible not only to purchase high-tech laser machineries for the same price in Europe but also to offer lower costs of surgery.

That’s why, Antalya welcomes thousands of patients from Europe every year and that is the reason why we can offer you reasonable prices for a high quality service.

  • Why is it better to schedule my travel with MedicalTravel when I can also schedule it myself?

Of course, you may plan your trip on your own. Yet, this is usually very exhausting and risky. And MedicalTravel offers an “All-inclusive” principle. We take care of everything you may need during an eye surgery abroad; we remain to be your trust-worthy partner not only in the pre-surgical period but in post-surgical period, as well.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.