Half Palate prosthesis
Half prosthesis is placed by anchoring on your own teeth via metal hooks.

Partial prosthesis is simply anchored onto the healthy teeth via hooks and thus they are fixed. Contrary to the common belief, these hooks do not wear healthy teeth but they provide a very limited stability and they negatively affect teeth

These hooks are not comfortable in terms of aesthetic look and when the patient does no longer want to use them, sensitive anchors fixed on the near dental crown might also be used.

Complete prosthesis

Complete prosthesis is that a completely toothless jaw is equipped with removable replacement teeth. It is indispensable to have natural spaces between teeth – that cannot be filled via fixed dental prosthesis- as well as to have removable replacement teeth prosthesis on a toothless jaw, sometimes.

Complete replacements for natural teeth are considered as the most demanding and expensive replacement teeth. Process of preparing artificial teeth provides limitless possibilities as well as their visual design and therefore many processes are required to have a functional and aesthetic prosthesis.

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