Dental clinic Istanbul

Dental clinic Istanbul

The dental clinic Bilhan, in Istanbul has the latest technology and the most modern equipment. The wide range of services at the clinic makes various treatments possible. Our hospital meets great expectations and provides high quality service thanks to its experience in oral surgery, Implantologie and prosthesis. The clinic has very trained dentists who are updating their knowledge of scientific and technological developments in dentistry.

The clinic is located at Nisantasi, on the European side of Istanbul and therefore it provides an easy and comfortable accessibility thanks to its position near Bosporus.

The clinic is managed by the dentist, Dr. Hakan Bilhan (Initiates file downloadcv) who is a citizen of Switzerland and who is an expert on dental health and treatment. He completed his doctoral thesis in the university of Zurich and enhanced his experience in Austria and he speaks very fluent English which is very advantageous for communicating with foreign patients. Dr Bilhan has a large number of works and informative articles published in international science magazines in addition to his presentations in international congress. He is a significant person in his field.

Large and spacious spaces for your comfort.

Dental technology has been continuously developing and as a result, qualified dentists do improve themselves all the time and they are always informed about the latest technologies. As a result, our doctors also participate to several international congresses as speakers. Dr. Bilhan’s academic duty at the faculty of medicine in Istanbul University is also a proof of his qualified experiences. Recently, he has been registered in the emergency doctors’ lists of Istanbul German Consulate. If you decide to get your teeth treated in Istanbul, then Bilhan Clinic is truly the only right address.

Doc. Dr. Med. Dent H. Bilhan